Posted by: mazibuko | April 13, 2010

Developments in SA

An interesting recent statement by the South African Institute of Race Relations following Eugene Terre’Blanche’s death at the hands of two employees. The piece basically states that the ANC is using the race card too often to delegitimize opposition and to shift blame for its delivery failures, and this may well blow up in its face, to the detriment of South Africa as a whole. Is the country following along in Big Bad Bob’s footsteps?

It doesn’t help that one of the most prominent ANC leaders frequently makes outrageous political statements and sings a song that calls for shooting amabhunu (boers), with what seems to be the tacit approval of the most senior leadership (in that he is not reined in). It really amazes me that this guy is in charge of anything, actually.  Here’s a recent taste of his leadership style.


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