Posted by: mazibuko | March 12, 2010

Excellent piece by Brooks on Obama

From today’s NYTimes.

I agree with this excellent, clear-eyed assessment of Obama, but I hope that Obama will ultimately prove him wrong regarding his lack of seriousness in tackling long-term fiscal issues, once (and if) he has tackled his major agenda items (health, energy, financial reforms). Of course, the big question is, are voters mature enough to stomach the tough choices that will ultimately have to be made? I am not optimistic, as it seems that the average American thinks that he/she can have a supermodel’s figure AND eat unlimited amounts at the fixed-price buffet table. Politicians, quite naturally, tell the voter that this is possible.

Underlying this piece is the important point that most political discourse–at the least the most visible sort–consists of people living in alternate universes shouting past each other. Will it ever change, or was it always thus?


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