Posted by: mazibuko | December 12, 2009

First placeholder post….




  1. Hello mazibuko!

    Good luck with your blog.

    I noticed your comment on, saying we need more Roberts’ posting.

    WUWT allows anyone to post comments, no matter what their point of view is. And you’re right, it does keep us on our toes. That’s a good thing – it keeps us from getting complacent, and turning into a mutually supporting echo chamber, where everyone agrees with everyone else. That’s boring.

    That is what the climate alarmist blogs do. I’ve tried posting on many of them, including realclimate, climateprogress, tamino, deltoid and several others. Every one of them has censored my comments, with only one exception on deltoid, where Tim Lambert, the blog owner, turned his response into a rant and never answered my question.

    There is something wrong with blogs that don’t allow different points of view. I think it’s because they want to control what their readers think. That’s bad.

    I’ve been commenting at WUWT since the beginning [only 3 years ago!] I’ve noticed all the new commenters, and I hope you visit often.

    ~ Smokey

    [that’s the name of my wife’s big gray tomcat, with his ears notched from all the fights he’s been in. But he’s a very mild mannered, laid-back pussycat inside our home.]

  2. Hi Smokey,

    Thanks for your comment, and sorry for the slow response. In truth, I only started this so that I could have a profile with which to sign in and comment on other blogs, but have been increasingly toying with the idea of getting this up and running. Time is the concern, and I actually don’t see how someone can work and blog at the same time, as the latter seems like it takes a huge amount of time.

    I am in the camp that thinks there is enough convincing evidence to start de-carbonizing, although I accept that the feedbacks could be more negative than positive. Time will tell.

    I know that position will put me at odds with most posting on WUWT or elsewhere (I have posted bit of RPJ jr’s site already, and I appear to be in a minority there also).

    My wish is to engage and challenge people with differing viewpoints, without descending into vituperation. Too much of the blogosphere, and this includes all aspects of it, not just the clim-blogosphere, is dominated by the mode of discussion. I believe this phenomenon is mostly attributable to anonymity or the fact that one isn’t face to face with one’s audience. Very similar to how people behave in cars (including myself, from time to time)–we become divorced from the immediate social consequences of our actions, and let our least admirable, least patient natures take hold. Although I write under a pseudonym, my aim is to always write as I would speak with a person who is face to face with me. I hope that I can maintain this approach.

    Look forward to further encounters in cyberspace, and thanks for taking the time to comment.

    Cheers, Mazibuko

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